16 May 2024 | Vilnius, Lithuania



16 May 2024 | Vilnius, Lithuania Laisves av. 5 LITEXPO

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Continental, a titan in the automotive industry, specializes in pioneering mobility and transport solutions. This global company is paving the way for sustainable, tech-driven manufacturing, and Lithuania stands witness to their vision.

Here's what makes this project electrifying:

  • €185 million investment – greenfield plant in Kaunas, Lithuania;

  • LEED Gold certification – setting a new standard for eco-friendly manufacturing;

  • 1,500 tech jobs – bringing high-skilled talent and opportunity to Lithuania;

  • Production doubling by 2025 – exponential growth, propelling Lithuania's tech and industrial sector;

  • Industry 4.0 integration – pioneering the future of smart manufacturing.


Rising tech empire in Lithuania – Teltonika is a rapidly growing and ambitious technology company that develops and manufactures Internet of Things (IoT) devices and solutions. Teltonika today is one of the largest IoT companies in Europe, with over 2,000 employees and exporting its products to more than 150 countries worldwide.

Dive into the Teltonika high-tech hill project in Lithuania:

  • A game-changing €3 billion tech park in Vilnius;

  • 12 cutting-edge facilities creating 6,000 high-tech jobs;

  • A state-of-the-art PCB factory, one of Europe's most advanced, already under construction;

  • A semiconductor chip complex coming soon, boosting European chip independence;

  • Plastic injection molding, a data center, labs, offices, and more on a 50-hectare site.


HELLA, a globally renowned company in automotive lighting and electronics, sees the future of mobility shining brightly in Lithuania. Their multi-million Euro investment in Kaunas initiates a dynamic partnership, propelling the region forward as a hub for cutting-edge automotive technology.

Lithuania shifts into high gear with HELLA's multi-million euro boost:

  • Plant triples in size, focusing on advanced lighting electronics, sensors, actuators, and control units;

  • The workforce risen from 70 to 430, showcasing a commitment to local talent;

  • HELLA positions Lithuania as a key player in Europe's autonomous driving revolution.

CIE Automotive

CIE LT Forge is a leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive components. Acquired by CIE Automotive, the company has grown to become a key player in the European automotive supply chain. This Spanish company is not just manufacturing; they're shaping Lithuania's future as an automotive powerhouse.

Unveiling the powerhouse of CIE LT Forge in Lithuania:

  • Invested €17.5 million in Lithuania;

  • Production has tripled, supplying high-quality crankshafts to Audi, Renault, Volkswagen;

  • 60 new skilled jobs created in Marijampolė, boosting local talent;

  • Cutting-edge technology solidifies Lithuania's position in automotive prowess.

AQ Wiring systems

AQ Wiring Systems, part of the AQ Group, has become a global leader in automotive cable harness manufacturing. With a strong presence in Europe and beyond, they're now accelerating their journey in Lithuania with a massive 17,000 sq.m expansion in Panevėžys FEZ.

Electrifying expansion – AQ Wiring Systems charges up Panevėžys FEZ

  • The expansive facility has created over 1,300 new jobs, boosting Lithuania's workforce;

  • Close to 100% of production is exported;

  • The project strengthens Panevėžys FEZ's industrial capabilities and cements Lithuania's manufacturing presence.

Pioneering autonomous drive

Lithuania is rapidly emerging as a global leader in the field of autonomous driving and smart mobility, presenting a unique opportunity for investors keen on shaping the future of transportation.

Paving the way for progress:

  • Early adopter: Lithuania established its legal framework for autonomous vehicles in 2018, enabling the testing and deployment of Level 4 & 5 vehicles in public traffic – years ahead of many competitors;

  • 5G leader: with 90% of the population already covered by 5G and ongoing nationwide expansion, Lithuania boasts top-tier connectivity, the foundation of autonomous driving;

  • Streamlined integration: Lithuania embraces eSIM technology, simplifying mobile service integration for advanced telematics and V2X communication in autonomous vehicles;

  • Seamless connectivity: a dedicated plan is underway to blanket key transport corridors with 5G towers, ensuring uninterrupted communication for safe and efficient autonomous transport;

  • Legislative support: fast-tracked amendments expedite the installation of communication towers along state roads, accelerating vital infrastructure deployment.

Fueling innovation:

  • €245 million in investment: the "Step towards 5G. Sandbox" initiative fosters a thriving ecosystem for testing and developing groundbreaking 5G-based solutions, including those in autonomous driving;

  • Collaboration hub: this initiative acts as a catalyst for industry, business, and academia to work together, pushing the boundaries of technology.