16 May 2024 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Peter Bryntesson

Board member at CLEPA and CEO at FKG

FKG - Automotive Association of Scandinavian Suppliers

Gothenburg, Sweden

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With a robust skill set Peter Bryntesson contributes valuable insights to the industry.


Peter Bryntesson has been in the Automotive industry since mid-90 and today he is a CEO of the Scandinavian Association of Supplier (FKG).

He also have a place in CLEPA Steering Committee, Board of directors and Chairman of the national organization within Clepa. 

FKG has 300 member companies and is a powerful organization within the European Automotive Cluster

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FKG - Automotive Association of Scandinavian Suppliers

FKG, the Vehicle Components Group, is the industry organization for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. For almost 30 years, we have helped our  approx. 300 member companies to develop as suppliers by actively working as the industry’s spokesperson towards industry, politicians, authorities and the media. We also work with creating meeting places, strengthening relationships and opportunities for growth as well as with the industry’s expertise

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Thursday, 16 May 2024

15:20 - 16:20

Autonomous Vehicles: On the Brink of Revolution or Stuck in Neutral?

Location:Conference Hall 5.1
  • Autonomous drive

The session will synthesize insights from this discussion to assess whether the autonomous vehicle industry is poised for rapid transformation or if it remains mired in developmental limbo.


FKG - Automotive Association of Scandinavian suppliers

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Gothenburg, Sweden